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Last Update on Mar 7th, 2024.

Privacy Policy Data Statement:

Innovatrix International s.r.o., ICO: 08410518, collects the personal information of our customers for business purposes only. This includes registrations, inquiries, information regarding upcoming events, products, and offers. We use this data to provide the best possible customer service for our clients and propose the most relevant conference. We take great care when processing data for these purposes and we always consider our customer’s data rights.
The personal information which we collect includes, but is not limited to:

Full Name

Job Title




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Email Address

Interest & Preferences
Innovatrix is the sole owner of the information collected on our website.

Data Privacy, Storage, and Protection

Upon submission of the registration form, registrants automatically consent to their data being held by Innovatrix and that this information is correct. All data will be treated as highly confidential and Innovatrix reserves the right to share your data with our subcontractors for the purpose of processing. Our data will NOT be sold or shared with third parties except the aforementioned entities such as external employees or service providers who perform tasks on our behalf. Your general personal information, such as job title and company name, may be shared with professional organizations such as our event sponsors or exhibitors, to promote similar or shared products or services within the context of your field.

Included in the documentation package the attendees will receive after the event is a delegate list of those in attendance at the conference. This document shows the name, job title, and corporate email address and will be shared among participants only. If you do not consent to share this information with other delegates, you must email no later than 24hours before the start of the conference.

Innovatrix protects personal data in accordance with the regulation EU 2016/679 GDPR.

By registering for one of our conferences, the client hereby gives permission to be informed of any future conferences and summits that may be of interest in the field or industry, unless the client has chosen otherwise. We only send or share information via phone or email. For any more information regarding how we store and use your data please contact

Direct Marketing

You may opt out of our promotional and newsletter correspondence if you no longer wish to receive this material from us. Please do this by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our promotional emails or contact us and ask to be unsubscribed over the phone.

Trademark & Company Logo Permission

By agreeing in any capacity to partner with Innovatrix in speaking, sponsorship, or venue capacity, you (“the company”) hereby give permission for Innovatrix to use the company logo or registered trademark for our own purposes in actions connected with the business of Innovatrix. We may use said logo or trademark for information or promotion purposes relating to our ongoing or past conferences and summits. We may use this logo or trademark in connection with events, social media announcements, conference materials, regardless of whether the company is a sponsor partner or attendee of the event. Innovatrix may additionally use the company trademark or logo for out-going marketing emails and brochures, without permission from said company, without liability relating to the publication of said logo or trademark. The company agrees that once the partnership with innovatrix has finished, there may still be unpublished or published materials that are still in circulation, for promotion purposes or otherwise, which we will make adequate efforts to update or replace upon request.

Data and GDPR Compliance

We respect your right to privacy. We ensure that all data is handled lawfully and fairly, with transparency, including the use of third parties to acquire data, which we hold to the same exemplary standards. The personal data that we store is on our own servers and for the duration of the client’s business relationship with Innovatrix.

Copyright Terms

All intellectual property rights in all materials produced or distributed by ‘Innovatrix’ in connection with our conferences are expressly reserved. Any unauthorized duplication, publication, or distribution of these materials is prohibited.