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Ron Adams

Senior Director, Operations and Power Solutions

Yanmar America


Speaking on Zero-Emission Track

”Future Regulation considerations”

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Ron Adams is Director of Power Solutions for Yanmar America, responsible for sales, engineering, and R&D. He has 24 years of experience in powertrains, with extensive knowledge of IC engines and emissions regulations for off-road equipment.

Ron works closely with Yanmar’s compliance group regarding current and future regulations. Ron believes that success is achieved by strong corporate habits. He follows the 3 pillars of the Rockefeller habits: priorities, data, and rhythm. Before Yanmar, Ron worked at Nissan North America as Lead Project Engineer for the VQ engine program, where he was responsible for bringing the VQ series engine production to the USA. Other experience includes serving as Lead Engineer for Innovation Marine, where he designed and developed lightweight high-performance diesel engines for military marine use.

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